Take me to the chapel… or Colombia

Eight years ago, after a traveling around fifty counties in the world, we visited Colombia for the first time. We instantly fell in love. With the deversity of the nature in the country, the old colonial towns but most of all with its people. The happy, laid back, curious and incredible hospitable population.

Around that time Ferdinand and I were together for tree years. It felt good and I was hoping for the more serious step in our relationship, I wanted to tell the world that we belong together with a wedding. But every time I popped the question Ferdinand said something like; “Well a wedding costs a lot of money… with that amount of money we can travel for two months, lets do that instead…?” And of we went… We did a lot of traveling outside South America but…. we also did: Peru-Equador-ending in Colombia, overland from French Guyana-Surinam- British Guyana-Venezuela – ending in Colombia. Or Mexico-Belize-Guatamala-El Savador-ending in Colombia… There arose a pattern. And every time we visited Colombia we visited Medellin too. The second city of Colombia, it works like a magnet.


After visiting Medellin a couple of times there awakened a feeling in me I wanted to live and work there for a year, and I always sighed to Ferdinand “Lets buy a house here” when we were there.

And then three years ago, just when we were travelling home and passing through Cali we had a romantic diner at our last night in Colombia. Ferdinand handed me a small box. Inside was a miniature Colombian house to put on the fridge. Ferdinand asked me if I wanted to buy a house with him in Medellin. I was so incredibly happy! It meant so much more to me than a wedding proposal… wauw, I was in heaven. We really had no clue whatsoever how to do it nor enough money to buy more than a hole in the wall but we had an incredible beautiful dream together…

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