No regrets…

After six weeks, instead of the two they had promised us, our money was in Colombia. Off course we didn’t get the key in February… If you are not there to encourage them nothing happens. They didn’t even respond to our emails. Some days Ferdinand was scared and frustrated about the whole thing and I had to tell him everything was going to be allright. Other days I was really mad and wanted to sent them an email that this is not how it works with Europeans but Ferdinand calmed me down. So in April we decided we needed to go there and sended them an email we were going to show up again. One day after we arrived in the city they aranged a meeting with the owner, his lawyer, his project manager, our lawyer and our agent. We saw another face of Colombia… They were not the nice people we knew anymore. But we were just really proud that we could understand the whole conversation just until the moment everybody was shouting at eachother. The paperwork was not ready yet… The seller asked for postponement. But if we payed twenty per cent more we could have the key and take possession. But we didn’t want the key if the paperwork was not finished so we gave them a postponement. But we wanted another ‘inspection’ of the house.

We just wanted to be IN there, IN our dream house in Medellin. Sometimes you make something more beautiful in your mind, and then after a while when you see it again you are disappointed. Not in this case! The owner had put in a beautiful kitchen, everything was done with love. And the house felt so good again… It is right on the border of neighborhood ‘Prado’ and ‘Manrique‘, seven blocks from metro ‘Hospital’, two blocks from the metroplus busline on a quiet street in front of a beautiful church. There are lots of things to do close by, like the ‘Jardin Botanico‘, ‘Parque Explora‘ and ‘cementerio San Pedro’ and ‘Casa Gardeliana‘ You can easily walk to ‘Sevilla‘ the neighborhood next to the University with lots of restaurants or to the zona rosa de ‘Campo Valdes‘. And most of our friends live close by.

Here is an impression of the house



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