Ferdinand and Rose


Hey there, we are Ferdinand and Rose from Haarlem, Holland.

Twelve years ago we met at one of the first dating sites on internet. We both are kind of weird but we really don’t understand each other’s weirdness, we just accept and enjoy it. Our shared passions are Argentine tango dancing, dining and traveling. Rose is very passionate about dementia and the brain, Ferdinand loves to do research on old airplanes. We don’t have kids, no fancy car or big house because we want to be free to travel the world. Together we visited more than 70 countries. Before we met we both already visited a lot of countries so we have a game who visited the most countries. Ferdinand is ahead but he cheats because he works for an airline company and sometimes needs to fix a plane in a weird country. This is also the secret on how to afford al these holidays; we can travel with big discount…


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